June 18th, 2010


I came. I saw. I gardened. (And then I sulked.)

It was epic. I had a roomie-imposed time limit of half an hour because she wanted to get back and watch the World Cup game (I say "the," but it was likely "a" World Cup game - I am afraid that my ability to keep track of sporting events, even the World Cup, which is unquestionably more interesting than other sporting events mainly because a) I actually understand some of the rules and b) there is a surplus of attractive men in shorts and kneesocks.), and since I didn't want to carry things back by myself, I hurried.

This involved a lot of

1. frenzied stabbing at awful, awful soil full of sticks and roots and bits of garbage bag and more sticks and horsetail weeds (I have no idea if they are actually called horsetail weeds, this is just what we grew up calling them) and chunks of clay and disturbingly several unidentified bone fragments until it was loose enough for there to be any point in me

2. carrying several fairly large pails of compost dirt from the other end of the community garden where it is inexplicably in a heap behind two fences and mixing it in with the crappy dirt - in fairness, the compost dirt is also fairly crappy due to its being city compost and therefore all yard waste and more garbage bag bits and bone fragments because people are assholes and cannot be arsed to learn what compost means, and then

3. weeding the remaining bits of garden before

4. planting:
  • beets (I don't actually like beets but Mum picked them up for me and apparently the roomie likes them, so what the hell)

  • a healthy pumpkin plant which is frickin' huge and I expect to reward me with dozens of pumpkins to replace the two generations of atempted pumpkins that died of a) neglect and b) potato-related asphyxiation

  • more green onions (I give up, green onions don't want to grow from seed. At least not for me.)

  • strawberries (next to the existing strawberries), and then
5. ripping up the legions of weeds and giant fanged lizard-grass that were encroaching upon the raised beds while the roomie watered everything, because evidently only the posh other end of the garden is worthy of the attentions of Judgemental Random Blond Lady who was mowing grass and industriously cutting edges with shears while casting suspicious glares at anyone who dared enter the posh end of the garden to a) grab tools, b) collect compost soil, c) dump compost into the compost heap or d) sprinkle dirt into the compost heap. I don't know what was so interesting about everybody that wasn't her, but I started thinking I was doing something criminal just from her looking at me. She's probably one of the people who was really down with creating 3,457 pointless sub-committees and requiring all the members to spend x number of their precious lifeblood hours sitting in pointless meetings about doing work in the garden rather than doing work and judging the people who were neither at the meetings nor volunteering to mow the grass.

Then we came home and I had a shower because I was covered in dirt and bits of vegetation. I had killed many noxious, invasive weeds. I got a splinter. I had dirt up my nose. It could have been satisfying.

Except now I'm pissed off because my stupid bastard credit card is broken again (Not maxed out! It's been paid, damn it!) and I had to beg for the roomie's card to pay for the Indian takeaway it was my turn to buy, and now I feel like an asshole despite all my good works and I want mostly to curl up on the couch and watch White Collar and mope but I can't because I have to record a stupid crappy Booktalk for my ridiculous summer class and also there is soccer happening out there which does not interest me enough for it to present a tempting distraction from schoolwork.

Also I forgot to bring my camera so there are no goddamned garden pictures.


Stupid everything. >:(