August 6th, 2009

hello city


Made it back intact, despite my being seated in the emergency exit row with everybody's lives in my hands. Would have posted earlier, but Pearson has shitty paid wifi that I refused to use, so had to wait. Did, however, find and purchase a cute hat that actually fit my gigantic head, so it sort of balances out?

One screaming infant, in the row right behind me, who was somehow managing to time his screaming for exactly the moments I was about to drop off to sleep. But I finished knitting the cuff of the second half of a pair of socks, so I guess that's good?

In Ridge now with Faildog to save roomie from having to murder her for refusing to sleep. Have now written 4,000 words of second sweater-fic, dear god. Second half of second sweater-fic probably tomorrow.

Also seem to have misplaced the slip-case for my phone. Hoping I left it at my apartment when we stopped to fetch the dog and I was separating out pajamas and clean clothes from my suitcase and moving stuff 'round in my backpack, 'cause otherwise, I left it on the plane. Ah, well. Will call Westjet tomorrow and see. o.O

Ah, Dexcon. You make me so sleepy. *yawn*