August 4th, 2009



Back from lunch with the talented chkc! Where we commisserated on all things ficcish, and she brought me this:


It's a wee Rodney! With little blushy cheeks and a tiny maple leaf! *flails with squee*

At the moment Toronto is downpouring, which is rather nice after all the warm humid weather. With any luck Vancouver will greet me similarly.

Con is technically over - more on that later. Now I lounge on ferox's couch for a while.

I appeal to you, f-list.

So, back in 2004, Richard Dean Anderson was given an award by the Air Force Association for being awesome. Or, well. For positively portraying the USAF, technically, but really it was for being awesome. He was made an honorary Brigadier General, etc., he geeked out, the officers geeked out, it was a grand time. It was at a hotel in Washington DC.

But my Google-fu has failed me! I can't figure out which one. thatpalebluedot suggests to me that perhaps it was classified, but does anyone in the DC area have a guess? Or at least a guess of where that sort of thing would be held? This is sweater-fic related, I swear.