July 29th, 2009



An interview with Brad Wright on Stargate: 90210 in which he tells us adoring fans that apparently, they're getting a million dollars more per episode than SGA. After seeing the trailer last week in all its gritty, dramatic SERIOUSNESS, this all just shows me that apparently, I'm still really really angry about the whole thing.

I have to go and peer-review terrible websites now. Rec me fluffy comfort boykissing fic? Or baby animals? Or chocolate? So I don't get too honest with my "peers"?

I. Hate. Summer.

It is forty-two degrees celsius on this bus if it's one, and why are those children so loud? *squints*

Must not smother fellow passengers in hope of decreasing ambient body heat and making things easier for the air conditioning.

Would just get all sweaty with the exertion, anyway, and will have quite enough of that just sitting here.

Still twenty minutes to go.



Now actually to the point where I think I must turn off the computer in order to lower the room temperature. HELP.