July 12th, 2009


The many faces of Faildog.

Yesterday we went on more or less the longest walk ever. Or, the usual walk to the tea shop, but since it was about 28 degrees outside, it was something like hiking up the Himalayas. (Not one of our best plans, I admit.) Pekoe was also not enormously fond of the necessity of having to put sunscreen on her nose (though that was pretty damned funny).

Some selections of Pekoe over the past month or so, since it has been some time since the last ridiculously adorable Faildog picspam. Some are mine, some are calantha42's.

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maelie returns from invading Europe with greenet in three sleeps (which is good, as I think The Birds have now decided I'm keeping her from them and are plotting my demise); moving in T-minus five sleeps. Eeeep. :D

SGA/Murder, She Wrote Fic: Knitted Goods (G)

Knitted Goods | G | ~1,300 words | for cliche_bingo square: Relative values: Families

So, a while back, artemisiabrisol were spending an evening watching Murder, She Wrote (as we're wont to do) and the air shimmered. You know - where you're watching something totally innocent and suddenly reality warps and it abrupty becomes John/Rodney AU?

Only this time was not like all the other times, because this is Jessica Fletcher. Jessica Fletcher does not get re-arranged - you re-arrange the universe around her. So we started thinking about how Rodney-like the obstinate chin-tilt was, how sharp the blue eyes, how utterly self-assured the superior "bitch, please" face, and of course Jessica Fletcher has positively dozens of nieces and nephews, right?

...yeah. Pretty much.

For reference's sake, I have included a visual aid below the story, which is utter, utter fluff and (*facepalm*) probably going to be part of a series, because I have decided that John Sheppard likes murder mysteries, and there will doubtless be a trip to DC because Jessica, she gets around, and she still talks to Jeannie on the phone, and Jeannie loves to complain about her brother, oh god. ^.^

Betaed by artemisiabrisol, who is at least as much to blame for this as I am.

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