May 16th, 2009


Almost makes you miss the watermark (but not quite).

I broke down and bought a new video card a couple of weeks ago, because my shiny, acquired-for-a-criminally-deep-discount Adobe CS4 Masters Collection reallyreally wanted a video card with OpenGL support and Shader, which my onboard graphics card did not have.

Tonight I installed it, and finally got Premiere Pro to run without immediately crashing - yay! - but apparently Adobe Premiere, which five years ago would import avi, divx, mov, and video-shaped cardboard cut-outs, has been redesigned to accept only DV-encoded files. Which means that most files downloaded via BitTorrent, which mostly use XVid video and MP3 audio, aren't supported. Nor, apparently, is just about anything I've ever uploaded from my video camera.

The password-protected VIP Adobe Support site to which I actually, legitimately have access (I've never owned a legal copy of an Adobe product before!) suggests I transcode files using third-part software such as VirtualDub ("which Adobe does not support," mind you) before attempting to import them into Premiere.

I mean, I have VirtualDub. I'm quite fond of it. It's just. Five hundred dollar piece of software, and you can't build it to support XVID? Really?

*raised eyebrow*

Fuck you very much too, Adobe.

In related news, I suspect I'm going to have to buy a new processor soon, by which I mean this year or the next; certainly before Windows 7 comes out for real. Or perhaps a new motherboard. Had to replace one of my DVD drives last week because it suddenly died with an asthmatic rattle, and found myself doing it at 2:15 in the morning just because it had broken and I had a replacement and I was awake, so why not? (The box with the old one in it is now sitting on my bookcase, next to the dead TV card I haven't gotten 'round to throwing out yet. Oh god, I'm becoming my father. Next thing I'll be building tables out of defunct towers with plywood planks on top of them as a place to keep the computers that actually work. Old monitors piled three deep in the corner. What might be modern art composed of dusty floppy drives and rakish arrangements of ribbon-cable. I was supposed to have years before this happened. o.O)

ETA: Got bored this afternoon and skipped three chapters ahead in the CPSC text to the part with the CSS. Everything bad I ever said about CSS? I take it all back. This is the best thing ever. I thought I was being hyperbolic, but you can actually make up tags out of thin air. I made a tag called "aritag" and it turns all the headers on the page magenta and makes them dance. (Well, not really, but if there was a CSS value for that, they totally would.)

ETA2: I need to get into the habit of using "strong" instead of "b", but it's hard to remember, as I first learned HTML when I was about... eleven? It's the web-design equivalent of trying to stop myself from saying "like" in grammatically inappropriate places. (Apparently we don't use "b" for "bold" anymore. And we're not allowed to capitalise tags! Nobody told me! It's really messing with my head. o.O)

There goes the entire weekend.

As foretold in previous post, (which for some reason may or may not have actually shown up?) I have now spent approximately four hours of Saturday mucking about with new CSS powers.

Result: I have made my first external stylesheet! \o/

I've thus far re-encoded two stories on my site (looks so much cooler.) and am stopping until I learn Columns so I can re-do the mainpage. Ahahaha CSS is so cool.

(Somebody come and swap me the laptop for ice cream. At some point I'm probably going to need to sleep, and the last time I learned new coding skills I stayed up until 6am re-encoding my entire site. That was not a good workday.)

Now I'm going to read the next chapter to figure out things like columns, so I can make an LJ stylesheet from scratch. *excited bouncing*

(...yup, I'm a geek. Like there was ever any doubt. ^.^)