May 10th, 2009


It can't last

For the first time in my educational career since 2001, it's the end of the first week of classes and I have a hope in hell of actually being up-to-date on my readings before the second week starts. Of course it doesn't help that the Computer Class Of Things You Should Have Known Since You Were Ten (What-Is-A-Keyboard, What-Does-GigaByte-Stand-For, What-Is-A-Browser etc. that is a required course for my program) feels the need to justify its existence by having sixty pages of e-book reading for every 3-4 weekly units, or that I was forced to kind of take over the working group for my online Digital Collections course because nobody was actually doing anything, but I think that by the time I go to bed tonight I might actually be... wow. Up to date. I'd be ahead if either of the computer profs would put the labs up earlier than the day of the lab (I want to get to the CSS already, damnit!) o.O

lilymc and I are taking Mum to The Tea Shop's Mother's Day Tea this afternoon - there will be wee sandwiches and everything, they promised. Mum saw The Star Trek last night and enjoyed it enormously (this is a testament to my mother's superior Trekkie-ness, as generally she has to be dragged even to see movies she really wants to see), although Collapse ).

On that note, a happy Mother's Day to all the mums (to human, doggy, and otherwise) on my F-List! Also a happy birthday to deathpixie! \o/

And now I must complete the waking-up procedure as I slept in far too late after staying up far too late reading about metadata (which like spectator sports, is often only interested if you're actually doing it).

Out of curiosity... anybody out there running the Windows 7 beta? I've avoided Vista like the plague, but I'm considering dual-booting 7. Is it any good? Slow? Fast? Clunky? Shiny? Share your wisdom, Internets.