May 6th, 2009


Another test...

...I've been mucking inelegantly about with CSS all afternoon - my DW journal is looking shiny but editing the LJ stylesheet has proven much more challenging, so it's a bit messy over there right now. Ah, well. In a couple of weeks I'll be into the "learn CSS!" part of the silly computer course and should be able to do this properly without running to unamaga for help. *sheepish*

Also this is me attempting to crosspost via Semagic. Here goes... *fingers crossed*

ETA: AND I WIN. Thanks muchly to unamaga. \o/

Next: How to move the tags cloud and make it horizontal...

ETA2: Okay, so crossposting via Semagic is a go, but I've noticed it's maybe making me sound a leetle bit schizophrenic... ;)

ETA3: A Thing I Have Noticed: until today, when I set up Semagic to crosspost when I make posts, I've been using the DW Import tool to import my new LJ entries to my DW account, about once a week. This works, fine, except that userpics are still not importing properly, and DW doesn't substitute the DW default userpic, as I might have expected - you just get an entry without a userpic. Is there a setting for this somewhere that I'm missing, or is this just a thing that isn't quite done yet? Nevermind, apparently I'm an idiot. *facepalm*

ETA4: Looking at this now, I think I want the footer to be whales chasing puddlejumpers chasing whales, but I'd have to create a new graphic for that and... I'm really supposed to be doing my Digital Collections reading. Right.


Okay. I'm absolutely going to stop poking at my journal layout now and go do my reading. *backs away, very slowly*

Of course, in a few weeks I'll be doing the CSS labs and unable to help myself.

In the meantime, look at the pretty:


Yep. Totally stopping now. Responsible school-type things to accomplish.