February 18th, 2009

hello city

Not dead! \o/

Today I brought my bike home from the doctor (Took four hours and fifty bucks to replace the front innertube and both tires, another sixty to buy night-necessary flashies required by the City of Vancouver - Very Very Bright LED because of my paranoia of instant vehicular death - for the front and back. There were cheaper ones, but not by much, and not quite so blindingly shiny, which is what you want when you're riding in the dark next to people in cars who mostly want to kill you. ^.^). On the way there I waited twenty-six minutes for the #20 bus, so on the way back I figured "screw it" and decided to ride.

Result: Rode down Commercial Drive from 1st to Broadway in the dark and did not die.

Then chickened out on turning at the station and dismounted to cross at the crosswalk. Took the train back to Renfrew, because it was a bit chilly by then.

But! Rode with traffic for the first time in ten years, ha ha! Go me! \o/

Think it will be a while yet before I'm un-chicken enough to actually turn with traffic instead of using the crosswalk, but we'll see.

Also, my god was today a lovely day. Walked-down-the-street-in-a-t-shirt lovely. Tomorrow's also supposed to be lovely, which would be nice if I decide to ride out to Langara for my Mandatory Infosession - I may not, though, as it'll be nearing eight PM by then. I think I'll work my way up to long bike-rides in the dark.

Also today I: measured windows for curtain rods, went and bought fabric at Dressew, and fiddled with the new sewing machine some more. Now I will cut out a pattern and see if I can assemble the second half of Skirt tomorrow without screwing it up too badly. ;)

Also tomorrow I will bloody work on artword.

Because Dear Self: Rodney McKay=Alison Dubois is not artword. *headdesk*

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