January 18th, 2009


Okay, I really meant to have pictures here.

But I left my camera at home, so I'll just have to remember to do that when I get back. I've got something unrelated I keep meaning to post, something I spent a couple of days mucking about with in Photoshop, regarding the last episode of SGA and one of the many ways I'd have liked it to end, instead of the way it did. But tomorrow.

Today I:

-Visited the Vancouver Maritime Museum with artemisiabrisol and mik100 (a museum built around the RCMP St. Roch) and hovered longingly at the edge of the nearby off-leash doggy-exercise beach like, um, I think the simile I used was "child molesters outside an elementary school." Needless to say, we are all severely puppy-deprived.

I am now out of withdrawal, as I have one on my feet. All is well.

All was also bound in damp mysterious fog, pretty much all day. Vancouver's looked like this for most of a week, now. It's like a Stephen King novel. We stood at the end of the docks below the museum expecting the Edmund Fitzgerald to come looming suddenly up out of the mist. Spooky.

-After three weeks' absence, returned to The Tea Shop (From Whence All Goodness Springs) and, um, had tea. They were closed over the holidays, renovating and, apparently, gallivanting around Asia.

-Travelled to Mum's, where I discovered the following had arrived in the mail: a)replacement credit cards, b)my CBLDF membership card, and c)my Elann shipment, containing two sets of knitting needles and bricky-coloured yarn called, co-incidentally, Brick.

-Stabbed myself in the finger via malicious staple in knitting needle packet. Buyer beware: Brittany needles are a lovely product with deadly packaging. (Survived. Have started new pair of socks. Updates to follow.)

-Still have not posted the fic I finished two days ago. Not my fault! No fic today, probably fic tomorrow. (Yes, that means that I ACTUALLY FINISHED SOMETHING. We'll see if this miracle extends to other writerly endeavours.)

-Am for some reason still awake at... *glances at clock* ...um, four-thirty. Wait, what? Why am I still awake? Oh, right, Bette Davis. It's all Bette Davis's fault. Turner Classic Movies is a bad and addictive channel. I sit down to watch for fifteen minutes and the next thing I know...

...okay, I'm outta here. 'Night, all.


Thank you, whoever you all are, who nominated me for the McShep Awards! I'm kind of astonished by how many I got, like seriously, cannot believe it, really, given that I've really only been writing in this fandom for, um, a year. *flails gleefully at you all*

I also appreciate that this gives me an excuse to post the most excellent banner, because it's one of the best manips I've ever seen and I really like sitting here staring at it with a dazed sort of expression on my face. :)

Thank you so much! *flails some more*

And since I am filled with cookies and goodwill, here's something I wasted an entire morning doing on Monday.

Collapse )

P.S. I'm totally about to spam you guys, with museum pictures and then with *gasp* an actual story! Sorry?
hello city

Pictures, la.

Witness the above evidence of my having run all out of clever titles for things.

However, as promised, I give you: Collapse )

Then there was an exhibit on the history of the Vancouver waterfront and one on global warming and one on pirates and I was too distracted to take any more pictures as we were too busy ringing bells.

Well, artemisiabrisol was, anyway. Every single bell there was. She seemed pleased. :)

Also they may have told us no flash photography in the gallery space. Whatever.

Fic: Primacy

For mcsmooch: Primacy | PG | ~7,100

I originally started this story for catenip in honour of sheafrotherdon's birthday, but, well, stuff happened, and it never got finished. In that sense this story is late, very late, embarrassingly late. But this round of smooching got me going again to finally finish it. So here it is. I give you fic, Cate. I hope you enjoy. :)

This is sort of a take on the events of The Shrine, so spoilers for that. But it isn't, quite. A little angsty, but ends with smooching, of course, because me, I like happy endings. Many thanks to artemisiabrisol for beta services.

Or: read it on my website.

( Rodney always remembers this: )
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