December 30th, 2008


This is one of those moments where you're supposed to see the humour in it, right?

Okay. So. Last week? I finally got the much-laboured Certificate from the BC government. The one I had to get processed by a post office myself and submitted before I could get my money. You know, the one they'd told me they already had? The very last thing they needed from me before they'd surrender my funding? The funding I've been fighting them to give me since SEPTEMBER which is when they should have given it to me in the first place?

I took it to the post office on the 22nd to get processed and left with a feeling of relief like I'd been released from twenty years of indentured servitude.

This was a mistake.

This morning I got a call from the National Student Loans Service Centre telling me that the nice girl at the post office forgot to bloody stamp the form.

*dissolves into hysterical laughter*

I just... I mean...

So now I have to fax some special department in the federal government two pieces of government-issued ID. It will take them 48 hours to process the fix, and after that, another 3-5 days for the service centre to issue the funds. They claim - "Rocky" claims - once again that all will be well, that my money will appear, that all I must do is fax what I have been asked to fax.

Which I'm going to do, right after I get done screaming into this pillow.