December 15th, 2008


Fucked over by the federal government, take #63

To Recap, The Federal Government Are Just As Incompetent As You Think They Are (Last Week On).

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So now I have to call them back tomorrow morning and start all over again.

But first, I sent a long, detailed e-mail to my Member of Parliament explaining exactly how I've been getting jerked around all semester. I'm expecting a call back tomorrow. Both our MLA and our MP are NDP, and they've proven both helpful and efficient in bitchslapping both the provincial Liberals and the federal Conservatives. Hell, even the BC Conservatives don't seem too fond of them. Mum contacted Randy Kamp, who is the MP for Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, explaining the jerking-around we've been getting over Dad and Grampa's taxes, and she got an e-mail back two days later offering some bitch-slapping on her behalf.

And now I think I may go drink. Or maybe nap. I haven't decided yet. Rest assured it will involve chocolate and screaming.