September 23rd, 2008


Dear idiots:

Quiet study area means that you are meant to be, yes, that's right, quiet. It does not mean that you may come stumbling, giggling, into the library, to engage in noisy study groups/impress your pretty female classmate by explaining RNA/have discussions about your various siblings' dating woes/expound upon the fact that that prof is "such a bitch" (though I've had her, she totally is), or, hey, TALK, AT ALL. There are two whole floors that contain group meeting areas for exactly this kind of discussion (well, maybe not the dating thing, but I doubt you'd be hanged or anything - it's your time to waste), that is, ANY discussion, because in here, where all the computers and the signs asking for quiet? You need to SHUT YOUR YAP AND LET ME WRITE MY ESSAY BEFORE I CUT YOU.


ETA: I hate you, Word 2007. I hate you and all you stand for. Where the fuck is the sizing control? o.O

ETA2: Found it. Still hate you. WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH MENUS, I ASK YOU.