August 30th, 2008

boxes on their heads

Bad ideas.

So I was on the Skytrain coming home from work, my MP3 player on shuffle, and suddenly the Newsies soundtrack started playing (my musical tastes, you could say they are eclectic, if you were feeling really charitable). Have you seen Newsies? Newsies is fantastic - it's dancing, singing paper-boys in 1899, and it has Christian Bale when he was like, fifteen, sixteen, I don't know, the numbers are not important and I've probably gotten them wrong anyway. The best thing about Newsies is David, because David is Jack's (Christian Bale) snarky best friend without whom Jack would be nothing, saves the day at the last minute by being clever. He has bright blue eyes. They call him The Mouth.

Some of you see where this is going. I can feel it.

(Aside: When writing the final draft of the script they gave David a sister at the very last minute to be Jack's totally-random love interest, because the movie was just too gay. Think Road to El Dorado levels of gay, without the OT3. And they dance and sing. About overcoming overwhelming odds. It is my very favourite Disney movie. ^.^)

So I've seen Newsies about sixty times, right? To the point where I know all the words and can probably quote all the dialogue - Family Channel used to play it every Sunday morning. And there's this scene, see, where Jack is standing on a statue, and all these newsboys are clamouring for him to give an inspiring song speech and lead them against the evil newspaper moguls. And because, as one does, I had the scene playing in my head, I suddenly thought: Huh, Jack is kind of a reluctant hero, isn't he? He's all cool and pretends he's not as smart as he is and he has a checkered past but all these people look up to him because he's Just That Awesome. He's a lot like John Sheppard, if John was a newspaper-boy in 1899. And David is this mouthy guy who's much smarter than everybody else, and he even has a sister--


I actually giggled. Giggled. Out loud, right there on the Skytrain. The woman in the seat next to me gave me a funny look and inched away. On the plus side, I got an extra seat to myself for all the crap I cleaned out of my desk this afternoon.

I started explaining this to mik100 this afternoon, and she knew exactly what I was talking about before I'd gotten past: "So you know who Jack Kelly reminds me of?"

Which is the point where calantha42 pointed at me in accusing horror and shouted: "NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT."


...I'm not going to write it. I'm really, probably really not. For one thing I am currently working on definitely two other Very Long SGA fics and about a dozen more of indeterminate lengths. I do not have the time or the drugs to start writing an AU where John and Rodney are newsboys trying to take down Joe Pullitzer.

Of course, I am about to go back to school next week, and as mik100 pointed out, my fiction output does tend to double or triple when I'm studying. It's a procrastination coping mechanism.

...but no. It's wrong and twisted and bizarre and does anybody want to write it for me so I don't feel dirty afterwards? ;)

And now I'm going to bed. I have to get up early to go to the dentist. :(