August 22nd, 2008


SGA Fic: Nothing You Could Do

Why am I getting all these IDEAS today? I started working on the Stargate Uber-Fic again yesterday - in earnest, even - and today I have discovered that my order-of-knights-who-negotiate-with-Death kind-of-fantasy-novel has merged into the nobility-with-the-ancient-gene-on-a-colony-planet-thousands-of-years-after-the-fall-of-Earth sort-of-sci-fi-novel. I didn't discover this until I opened the file and realised I'd written Lady Tara skulking in the Court of Peers, and that won't mean anything to any of you, but trust me when I say that it is ANNOYING. Do other people write like this? With no semblance of control over characters whatsoever? HONESTLY.


Work is dull and pointless today, relieved not at all by any light of new laptop, because I still haven't heard from the store. Which I suppose means I will have to call them AGAIN. Oh, and MGM and Sci-Fi have decided Stargate needs to be younger and sexier.

In conclusion, good afternoon, fandom! Today sucks as hard as yesterday. Have a fic.

Nothing You Could Do | G | ~1,600 words

I suppose this is sort of a tag to The Daedelus Variations?

Cross-posted to mcsmooch, and thanks-much to calantha42 for veryveryfast beta.

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