July 25th, 2008


I love this hotel room beyond all reason. More on that later.

Guess who just saw the official red-carpet Continuum premiere aboard an aircraft carrier.

The whole cast, free food, the ocean and for some reason fireworks conveniently right as the film ended... I want to see all my movie premieres like that. Forever.

Was cold, but the cold did not in any way negate the awesome.

Okay. SLEEP. Tomorrow is Stargate Day at Comic-Con. :D

Very early, not awake.

Waiting on last beta (calantha42, you have not yet named your bribe for speediness, and can you also text me at the SD number when you finish pleasepleaseplease?), and then can finally submit BigBang, at last possible second, to no one's great surprise.

Also, now have excuse to buy new laptop, as current one lasted all of forty-something minutes at con centre yesterday morning before dying like a dying thing. *kicks it*