April 7th, 2008


SGA Fic: Balancing the House (Gen)

Forgot about this. And woe, Monday now. I am coming down against Monday, just now.

Title: Balancing the House [read on my website]
Author: Chandri MacLeod
Rating: Pretty much gen
Characters: Jeannie McKay, Rodney McKay
Spoilers: Nope (pre-series)
Word Count: 3,454
Notes: Written for the Family Challenge on sga_flashfic. Okay. Originally? I was going to write a nice little tour-of-Rodney's-youth. And it was going along so nicely. And then ohmygod, It is now over twelve thousand words and not finished yet. And I... what? I swear I never mean to do this. Ask anybody. O.O

I think the really astonishing thing about this is that apparently - because I should be writing BigBang, of course - my ridiculous necessary-task-related-procrastination-productivity also works when I'm supposed to be writing other fic. That doesn't even make any sense, guys. It's not even a survival trait, like writing 67 pages of urban fantasy instead of my English 230 term paper was. I just... I don't even... *feeble handflapping* We'll see if I actually finish it this week.

...Anyway. Set in the same general universe as Catalysis, but you don't need to have read that to get this. (Coherency owed to mik100 and calantha42, fastest betas in the west.)

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