February 2nd, 2008


Birthday on the couch.

Got up late, no presents yet but stole middlesis's fuzzy bathrobe with the stars. Watching Logan's Run, forgot how much fun and how disturbing this movie is. Have no intention of donning real pants today. Birthday privilege. Tonight: cake!

Tomorrow: cake! Probably.

Did find the SGA episode (this morning on ISOhunt, but thanks to those who chimed in with suggestions), and DAMN. Watched it on my parents' couch with headphones in 'cause Dad didn't want to be spoiled, making squeaky noises and laughing at odd intervals. This isn't a spoiler, but Collapse )

Back to Logan's Run. Stand a decent chance of finishing part 4 of Catalysis this afternoon, should get on that.

And perhaps finding more SGA icons, because clearly I do not have enough.