January 26th, 2008


SGA Fic: Schadenfreude Pie

So watching the ring scene in Quarantine, I thought: "Wow, John looks completely horrified." And then I thought: "Well, of course he's not going to say anything, whatever the reason for the horror, because that is not the best friend thing to do." Instead, he promised Rodney a beer regardless, but we didn't get to see that, and I thought, well, John's kind of passive-aggressive at times, so maybe he'd just end up acting like an asshole instead of saying anything. Or hell, he might not even know why he was acting like an asshole. This started out as a missing scene thing and sort of... morphed. (But look! Look! I wrote something shorter than 20,000 words!)

If you've never seen the recipe for Schadenfreude Pie, you are missing out.

Title: Shadenfreude Pie [read on my website]
Author: Chandri MacLeod
Pairing: John/Rodney
Category: episode tag for Quarantine, friendship, humour, a little hurt/comfort
Rating: PG-13 (R for swearing?)
Words: ~6000
Summary: John's been acting strangely, and Rodney wants to know why.EDIT: Oops. Summary edited.
A/N: The title of this fic is brought to you by John Scalzi’s recipe for Schadenfreude Pie, which is possibly the most brilliant thing ever to hit the Internet (not to mention delicious; mmm, the suffering of others).

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