January 22nd, 2008


Things that suck.

So the Oscar nominations have come out.

And do you know what is the only movie of all the nominees that I've actually seen?

American Gangster.

Gods, that's depressing.

Know what else is depressing and also kind of tragic? Heath Ledger is dead.

That's just... man. Remember 10 Things? That was probably the first movie I ever saw him in. On our Grade 12 trip to Ashland for the Shakespeare festival we rewound and replayed the last five minutes eight times on the tiny charter bus TV, because him and Julia Stiles had such great chemistry and it was one of the better fade-out kisses ever. This is so unfair. He was going to be awesome, and do more Batman movies, and become a director, and be even more awesome.

And the Hollywood media can just fuck off and die, too. Olsen twin apartment, indeed. Fuck off and die in a fire.