January 14th, 2008


Me: 0 Canaduh Post: 986,000

I finally went to the post office and was informed, by the barely-English-speaking postal workers, that there is no way to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the USA other than postal reply coupons. "When you send things to the states," quoth she, "you use Canadian stamps, and when they send it to us, they use American stamps." I tried to explain what I meant a few more times, but eventually went away annoyed.

Because, because, NO! That's not right! When you send letters to the states, you use U.S. stamps, and when they send letters to Canada, I assume they use Canadian stamps, or I could be wrong? I'm pretty sure about the first part, because the last time I sent a letter to the U.S. I definitely had to buy American stamps. Or have they changed it? Am I crazy? I am very frustrated, because many of the agents to whom I am sending things have notes on their pages saying: "Do not send us postal reply coupons. The post office will only take ten at a time and we don't have the resources to use them. There are only so many go-fers in the world."

And now I am flailing in anger and despair, and seriously considering calling Canada Post and asking them directly. I'm going to complain about the Belmont post office anyway, because their carriers habitually don't deliver the "your package has arrived!" tags until one or two days after the tracking shows packages have arrived, and then they throw up their hands and say there is nothing they can do.


Now I'm going to go eat noodles and drown my sorrows in Atlantis fic. And damnit, I still need to come up with a thirty-minute self-contained story concept to pitch in Thursday's screenwriting class. (I have NO IDEAS. Or possibly it is that my brain has been SUCKED INTO ATLANTIS and there is no room for other ideas to surface. Help.)

P.S. It is fucking COLD and ridiculously windy outside. It's supposed to snow tonight and if it doesn't, I'm actually going to be annoyed. My ears still hurt from the walk home. It's like brain freeze without the sugary payoff. :(