January 3rd, 2008


I do not have an Atlantis icon, so this will have to do.

So what happened was, I started another book yesterday, and I blame the Internet and Rodney McKay and I can't remember who else beacuse it's set in a kingdom (Ava) that's actually a thousands-of-years-removed Earth colony ruled by a nobility (the Peers) who are the only ones who can operate the ancestors' machinery. Their terraforming begins to fail and the sun gets hotter and a ship arrives from Old Earth to enlighten them about their history just as they're about to be invaded by another planet who's wandering around scavenging technology, and did I ever mention that the most annoying part of the Foundation books for me, aside from the fact that we don't stay in one time period for more than thirty pages in the first three books, was that a supposedly educated society had no memory of Earth, not even mythology?

Yes, it is basically that SGA episode. You know. "I never see it coming." But without the naked princesses or a military. So far, anyway.

But at the same time I was cursing my stupid, stupid brain because I'm already writing seven other things, I was suddenly pounced by the biggest plotbunny since I wrote O Brave New World, one for an SGA fic in which Earth is infiltrated by disenchanted former Ori-worshippers and Atlantis breaks away to save the planet. I've already got two thousand words and oh gods, it uses everyone and spans five years and Madison Miller has a Rainbow Brite backpack.

Sometimes I wish I could explain to my brain that I just don't have time for this. Because I'm supposed to be writing, you know, the other seven things.