December 26th, 2007


The Oh God Oh God O'clock Chronicles

I usually avoid retail stores on Boxing Day like the plague. There's a reason for this. But for certain electronics this year, lilymc and I deemed it Worth It. There was some wavering when we found out Future Shop was opening at Six Bloody O'clock in the Morning, but eventually we were swayed. Shopping on Boxing Day is kind of a contact sport. You get insane people (I have this on the authority of the nice girl who rang up my camera) who wait in line for five hours and then buy a store-brand cordless phone or a DVD or a video console controller. I don't know. We were there for big-ticket items. "Elbows," I said. "They are beneath you," I said. This may seem harsh, but it is the ONLY method of survival.

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Getting up at 5AM on Boxing Day: TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Time to bake. Insane relatives later.