December 25th, 2007

hair ribbons

Happy Holidays, kids.

Bluetooth headset yay! It flashes blue and I look like a Borg. Hee.

And a few other things. I got a few hundred bucks in gift certificates (O.O) and am seriously considering camping on the doorstep of the Coquitlam Future Shop because OMG.

Just... OOH.

What else what else... Mum and Dad got me a film cell from the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, which they picked up when they were at the Warner store in Oz. It's Hermione holding Harry back in the Shack. Oo, a rhyme.

Off to check for a torrent of the Doctor Who Christmas special, again. And then cook, apparently?

EDIT: No torrent. FAIL, UK DW fans. FAIL.

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Last Night

This Morning

Now (with Mum's new dressform)

I actually can't remember the last time it snowed on Christmas Day.

It's the END, everybody. THE END OF EVERYTHING.

EDIT: mik100 made my parents a huge tin of Baileys (actual Baileys, not Baileys-flavoured) fudge for Xmas. I've had three pieces and I think I might be tipsy. THUMBS UP. :D

MORE EDIT: If you're running Azureus VUZE, On Vuze (the preview panel) lists the top 20 downloads of the last 24 hours. Sanctuary episode 5 has been in the top 20 for the last three days! Which, okay, people ought to be paying for it, but still! Good! Publicity! EXCELLENT.

This really makes me want to start my Crappy Internet Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show Set In The Lower Mainland project. Thoughts?

EVEN MORE EDIT: And we have DW Christmas Special. Well, in about an hour.

Okay, I give.

We're actually... braving Future Shop and Best Buy at Holy Christ O'clock tomorrow morning. I must be having a brain aneurysm.

My parents' wireless is going really fucking slow right now. I've been downloading the Doctor Who Christmas Special for like five hours now, and it's still at only 73%. *kicks*