December 13th, 2007


Ah, the tiny heart attacks of academia.

Don't mind me, I'm just gibbering in the corner over there if you need me.

UBC, Master of Library and Information Studies Program: complete, except for one reference letter still pending, this is the one that had to be bloody mailed. Everything else submitted.

U of T, Master of English in Creative Writing (AKA Master of We Only Take Seven People Per Academic Year, Longest Shot in the Entire Fucking Multiverse, We Mock Your Puny Artistic Endeavours, Ha Ha Ha) Program: All submitted, now just sitting on my hands and Definitely Not Expecting Anything, but what the hell?

U of T, Master of Information Studies Program: Some... weird snafus regarding one reference letter and one transcript. The letter might be a technical error, 'cause I know she sent it, and the one she wrote for the other program did show up, so... what? Also, the "missing" transcript was in the envelope with the other two transcripts, which they have marked Received. WTF? Methinks it is time to telephone U of T Grad Admissions directly...

...and have I mentioned this week how much I loathe "personal statements," wherein you get to re-state in slightly more complicated language things you've already entered into little boxes on the original application? I think I sprained some of my sucking-up muscles. :(

Nervous Breakdown: Right on schedule! Next step: the brave new world of Actually Sending Out Queries to Agents.

Plans for the weekend in the area of Negating Freakout or At Least Being Productive At The Same Time:

Friday morning - Call U of T. Go "Huh?"

Friday day - Okay, probably just banging my head against things. A lot.

Friday afternoon - Buy those cute Rocketdog boots, because I want them, damnit. And I left them there almost a whole week, that counts, right?

Friday evening - Geekout dinner with the Vancouver Sanctuary folks (Hi, guys! *waves*), staying out very late, getting highly caffienated, eating good food (we hope), etc.

Saturday - The Vancouver Browncoats Holiday Potluck at the planetarium. (I KNOW. A potluck at the what now?)

At some point as yet undetermined - finish writing a whole query and make other people read it.

On and off - Get substantial work done on either the second Meadhon book or the psychic war book, which is really starting to turn all My Own Personal Crack on me, hee hee hee, although I think I may never write in first-person again. (I still need to decide whether the big climax takes place in England or someplace on the coast of Europe. Decisions, decisions.)

The entire weekend through - and I apologise in advance for this - NOT SHUTTING UP ABOUT ANY OF IT, really I am sorry, but AUGH.

Oh, dear. There's the crawl-under-furniture urge again. Time to sleep, I think. *sigh*