November 13th, 2007


And so, it begins.

I have just sent off my first batch of pleas for reference letters, to the middle of the list (The list has nine people on it.). Waiting to hear back from U of T about whether technically-retired-from-academia-Super-Humanist-Professors can still write reference letters, 'cause I don't want to send her a request only to have her politely write back telling me she's not allowed, because, I mean, she's a superhero, that would be embarrassing.

Tomorrow the top-of-the-list people get bothered. Have asked my supervisor too, just in case, y'know?

How do people do this? I mean, I'm doing it, but every time I send off an e-mail I get all twitchy, like, "Please say wonderful things about me?" And something like half my favourite profs are elsewhere now. There's this bit on the UBC MLIS application that asks "What draws you to the field of Library, Archival and Information Studies?" and I stared at it for like five minutes thinking: "Uh, I have an unnatural fondness for books and I'm a compulsive organiser? Let me show you my post-it tabs, will that count? I was raised by pervy book-worshippers? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!" It all makes me want to just crawl under my desk and not come up until February.

That nervous breakdown I talked about? This would be the start of it. I will be starting making queries at the end of this month (or as soon as I finish FtF) and then sending off my finalised grad school applications (by which I mean that by then, everything should be IN), and then I can really start freaking out.

Just in time for Christmas! EXCELLENT TIMING.

I'm scared, guys. Eep.

On the other hand, the following things are Of The Good: a)My new phone should be at the house by now, b)mik100 and I are going to see Dougie's production of Macbeth on Saturday, and c)I WILL reach 25,000 words tonight.


...nope, still freaking out. *wibble*

Upside, downside.

Upside: funky new phone is indeed funky.

Downside: three keys seem to be dead, namely Space, Alt, Shift, and Windows keys, either due to a setting thing else it's FUCKING BROKEN. Have left irritating messages on manufacturers website, hope to hear back soon, or am shipping back to Tigerdirect with my curses upon their heads.

Last of pleas for references sent. Now just down to "sit back and pray" phase.

Also, in the end did not do any NaNo today, for shame. :(

Going the hell to bed. Hope tomorrow's better. (Not holding breath.)