November 12th, 2007


Here's hoping for some good arborial karma.

I kept being woken up, all night long, by something making creepy tik tik tik noises against the window. Only this morning did I gain sufficient consciousness and lucidity to realise it was the three-story trees in the alley directly outside the window waving in the 60km/h winds. Then I crawled back under the covers and started having dreams about trees crashing through the window - not nightmares, really, just odd dreams. The wind continued to make noises, and I glanced outside to realise that unlike my last apartment, there's really nowhere for the trees to go if they fall over, because there' s just our building and the building next door. At that point I crawled back under the covers once more and started having dreams where I was enticing the trees to fall in a straight line, waking up again to tik tik tik noises to remind myself that our apartment building is not located in the Forest of Sorrows.

So now I'm just going to close the curtains and stop looking at the scary trees. Environment Canada has out a wind warning for the Fraser Canyon, but not Greater Vancouver, so... we should be fine? Maybe? It's about the right time of year for windstorms. o.O

That's right.

22444 / 50000 words. 45% done!

2,500 more words until the halfway mark. I bet I can do that tomorrow. :)

If exceptionally bored, you can wander over to chandri_nano for latest chunk and commentary. (Are you astonished that I'm writing this in order? I sure as hell am.)

No trees have fallen on our heads, as yet. Let us hope this is a trend. *crosses fingers*

Although, I would not say no to a power outage tomorrow, Universe. Just so we're totally clear.