November 4th, 2007

short people

Wa HOO, I say.

8364 / 50000 words. 17% done!

Yes, that is a wordcount. But that's all I'll say about it. Except: WaHOO. ^.^

Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes Day. When I was little (and there were no bonfire licenses) we used to stuff a Guy, and then burn him in the backyard. We're not allowed to do that anymore. Apparently there is some concern that remembering the fifth of November will cause the Fraser Tract to burn down. So. :)

The Shift key on this keyboard keeps sticking. DAMNIT. Damnit.

This week's Atlantis was much better than last week's. Thank the gods. Like a cross between that-episode-of-Next-Gen-whose-name-I-can't-remember, the-one-with-MacDuff-where-Ro-and-Riker... (At this point, in the real world, mik100 automatically chimes in with the episode title. I have a poor memory for episode titles, even in Star Trek, barring a few seasons of DS9. It is possible I used up all the neurons tagged for episode titles on B5 and ReBoot and the entire year of 2001. mik100, on the other hand, has a terrifying capacity for Trek episode titles that borders on the encyclopedic.)... and Firefly's Out of Gas. (They even used the same light filters as Out of Gas. Just at the other end of the colour spectrum. In my head, this will forever be the episode where Collapse )

Avatar was also acceptable. Not as WHOAH as last week's, but acceptable.

And also: I bought a new phone! Yesterday. I won't cheer too much until I've gotten it and tested out the possible kinks, but suffice it to say that is has QWERTY, it has a human-sized screen, and it has WiFi. Which was the main draw. Also, Rogers Wireless is possibly masterminding a grand Canadian conspiracy in which the only available phone with honest-to-god WiFi (as opposed to Edge, its deceitful lesser cousin), does not qualify for discounts with contract renewal, and costs two hundred dollars more than my laptop cost me, as if it were still 1999 and our dollar was twenty cents below USD. (By the current rate it should be about three hundred and fifty dollars less. So hell with THEM, is what I say. Instead I shall purchase an unlocked phone that is way, way cooler and also from Europe, ha ha ha.) Anyway, I win. It should be here next week.

Went shopping, bought new slippers. Very exciting day. Ooh! I bought Soon I Will Be Invincible. I found, with some surprise, that it's written in a style rather similar to the style I've been using for the psychic war book. I think this is good? Maybe? Hm. So it's more of a sort of cross between Soon I Will Be Invincible and World War Z, with a bit more narrative thrown in.

At which point I firmly resisted the urge to open the psychic war file and work on that. It is November. So, no. Instead I made notes in my notebook and continued to firmly resist. I'm still a day ahead. This is good.

I really, really hope I start feeling the Fall Back tomorrow morning. I am suddenly, unaccountably sleepy.

I also hope tomorrow's NaNo Encourage the Troops letter is the Neil Gaiman one. Just... 'cause. ;)