October 16th, 2007


I admit, I have not watched a Throne Speech live since I could VOTE.

So tomorrow is a banner day! But not for anything fun like a lottery win or zombie invasion.

The "master political strategist" is extremely fond of using WHINING as a bargaining tactic. Ah, yes, that there is a genius chess player. (If you were wondering, "master political strategist" is the part where I fell off the couch laughing and hit my elbow really hard on the coffee table. One more thing Harper has to answer for.)

Tragically, I suspect that Stevie believes this, otherwise, he'd let someone go over his statements to the press before he made them. "Fish or cut bait"? Really, Stevie? Did... did you know there were cameras?

Would it be wrong for me to send our honourable PM a grade eight social studies textbook so that he could review the relationship between taxation and social services?

"Fish or cut bait." Honestly. *mutter*

In semi-conclusion, "expense and upheaval of an election, whine whine whine?" Personally, I will pay ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS if we can have an election TOMORROW.


In actual conclusion, it would have been nice if they had said the words "Green Party" just once in the entire broadcast.

TANGENT! I have just about done editing StP for outright fuckups and plotholes - four chapters to go. Tomorrow will be for punctuation (YES, THAT GETS ITS OWN TURN, STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT) and swapping wild Zs for respectable Ss and restoring confused Us and Es forced upon me by the regional settings of the Douglas College computers. And then there will be hardcopy!

Then it will be a tossup between plotting book two before NaNo, and editing Riverwend... assuming it ever arrives. *quietly sacrifices an offering to the Postal Gods, may they be merciful*

Worldbuilding and the tiny piddly details.

Okay, so, two years into the world government of the Paxverse, they have had a massive push towards upgrading/redesigning the technological culture (for example, this is a world where America has dropped out of the global economy, so no Hollywood, and all "television" is done on a file-by-file basis, via a world-wide-web type situation which is all the same system, as is communications; one network for all, and an enormously complicated one at that). Another example: no more new textbooks, and most newspapers are received via "tablets", which are not too dissimilar from what we'd think of when hearing the word, except that they're a bit more compact and a lot more lightweight, and everyone has one, like everyone has a cell phone now.

Anyway, there are still sort of television sets, even though there is no television, per se - in the sense that there are monitor units that are the exact same units one uses to, say, word process or do other PC-type things. So, people still have them in their living rooms, but might also have them in their kitchens, classrooms would have large-scale versions. Um. Think of the Babcom from B5? Entertainment/communication consoles. But the problem is, I am having trouble deciding on a colloquial name for them. I've used a few different names in the book so far, but I'm not sure I like any of them.

Thoughts, LJ-land? Or words other genre fiction has used? Perhaps I can cannibalise something.

Stuttering from the Throne.

Not for five minutes of all my life am I ever going to see any high-level Ottawa ceremony without for a few seconds wondering why all those people are dressed like Santa Claus.

So, what have we got: Repealment of the long gun registry, another point of GST cut (with the highest tuition rates, spottiest health insurance coverage, and lowest public school test scores in a decade), re-iteration of proposed criminal law legislation that sounds like it came out of a liquor store in darkest Texas, and HEY, GUESS WHAT, WE FUCKED AROUND SO LONG THAT THERE'S NO CHANCE WE'LL MEET KYOTO, EVEN THOUGH WE FUCKING SIGNED IT, SO LET'S DROP IT, HA HA HA! I'm surprised David Suzuki didn't explode in a flaming tower of hippie rage visible from the opposite coast.

So, the only remotely intelligent thing said in the Throne Speech was the laying out of plans re: training troops and police in Afghanistan and setting a withdrawl date. And that, boys and girls, is NOT enough to justify the fuckers staying in charge.

I have never, ever been grateful to Gilles Duceppe, but it was bound to happen some day. For about six minutes. The other parties are just too chicken to stand up and have a tantrum right there in front of the Throne, is all. Not that I can never respect a good tantrum. In this case, a tantrum is quite likely warranted. I'm thinking of indulging in one.

And okay, you know what? I'm getting incredibly sick of every politician (except the NDP so far, and uh, the NDP) whining about how nobody wants an election, how nobody wants to "plunge the country" into an election, how no one wants to "go through the chaos and expense" of an election. You dumb fucks, that's what you do in a democracy. If you have significant enough dissent, you HAVE AN ELECTION. IN WHICH PEOPLE VOTE. Clearest way I know to ACTUALLY find out what the populace wants, as opposed to whining about the terrors of "plunging."


My opinion? Fuck the expense. Fuck the confusion. Fuck the Conservatives' apparently debilitating terror of gravity. I'd love, for once, to see an election in which the mainstream parties have to scramble, and don't have time to muddle everything past comprehension. I like to think that haste and necessity might require them to actually say what they mean. (Not "expect," precisely. "Like to think.")

Want an election? BRING IT ON, I say.

In other news, the Interpol-hounded international pedophile currently being hunted through Asia? Is not only a Canadian, but FROM MAPLE RIDGE. Oh, hometown. *twitch, twitch*

...and now it's dissolved into talking about how the entire Internet is a pedophile clubhouse. Time to change the channel before I shout at Peter Mansbridge again.