October 1st, 2007



Since I've already bitched about this IRL, it seems unfair to leave the rest of you out of it.

Well, it's not so much bitching as it is whinging, I guess. My enormous urban-fantasy universe in which I've just started writing again has its ups and its downs. The pro is that because I've planned it out with such detail, I know when things have to happen, where they have to happen, and why. I know the birthdates of everyone involved and when they die, and their parents and grandparents, and I have timelines and maps and governmental hierarchy charts. This is sort of relaxing; I have a box, and I know where I'm supposed to write and what I'm supposed to write.

But at the same time, it's a totally different kind of pressure, because this 'verse has a determined history, which can't be altered by much, because it would screw up the whole structure. This means that there are several Very Important Historical Events that must take place in a certain way. Writing StP, I've just hit upon the first I've had to write, actually write and not just reference; specifically, a peaceful political demonstration that turns into a famous riot. I was all twitchy about writing it, so I wrote the Before and I wrote the Traumatic After and then I stared at the page for a week. Now I've written it.

I... don't like it very much.

This very rarely happens to me. I hardly ever look at something I've written and go: "Ew, that sucks, *delete*." At least not in the last eight years or so. Usually I spend so much time psyching myself up for the writing that by the time the actual writing occurs, it comes out pretty much the way I want it. In this case I just went "fuck it," and plowed right through.

It's possible this is another "I'm-sick-of-looking-at-it" situation, and I am no longer an appropriate judge, so I'll hand it over to my little sister and see what she thinks. And in the meantime, I will ignore it and carry on, because I really am sick of looking at it.

Stupid riot. *makes face at it*

Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

EDIT: Hee hee hee. ^.^