September 7th, 2007


Things. (Not things like inventive titles.)

1. Today stretched on FOREVER. And ever. And on went the bass beat in the concourse. Is it wrong for me to actually resent the students for being back at school, crowding the concourse, and plugging up the lines in the cafeteria?

2. I keep getting identical spam, daily, about some woman who really wants me to know that her boyfriend does NOT HAVE IT in the sack.

3. I have gotten back (ISH. She is going over it again, because she is my HERO.) the first beta on Riverwend, from artemisiabrisol, who is visiting, before she jets off for a self-imposed year-long exile to the UK. We had an hour-and-a-half, very useful discussion ABOUT MY BOOK, while calantha42 fondled her new 20-inch monitor in the other room... she hasn't read it yet, so she wasn't allowed. I have now got SPECIFIC THINGS to tweak. And characters to erase entirely. And... some plotlines to write. Maybe beat some foreshadowing into the text. Er. *sheepish smile* (She did this in... two days? Three days? I don't remember. And took NOTES. MY HERO. Aside: Anyone else who gets betas back to me will also be MY HERO. I'm not stingy. ^.^)

By the end of the month, benevolent fishies willing, I will have gotten back all the betas, be able to spend a week editing (I plan one draft per day for each beta - no, really. This is how I do things.), send it off for one last read-through, and then by October/November I will be able to...

...getting ahead of myself, I am aware. I'm going to go stare longingly at this, instead, which should be here for me to pet in person by next week, and also this overpriced but very pretty bag, to go with the former. Because that bag? That's the bag I always had in my head. THAT BAG.

Oooooookay. Clearly we are at the caps-tipping point of I-have-been-awake-too-long, so off I go, to dream of polished manuscripts.