August 26th, 2007


The expedition.

Well, after a borderline comical miscommunication about meeting-places, I met up with ladyjaida and danibennett downtown, whereupon we holed up in a coffee shop for two hours and talked incessantly about writing, mainly. (Secret info: Jaida talks exactly like she does on her LJ, which I found oddly amusing, and Dani is simply adorable. Both were very nice, and very forgiving about my complete inability to give directions. We were, like, two hundred metres apart for half an hour. Just. I don't know. *facepalm*)

Tragically, both ladyjaida and danibennett must be awake for their train at a completely barbaric time. Here's hoping no more sitcom-worthy disasters befall them before they touch down in the Big Apple (*offers up brownies to the travel gods on their behalf*).

I'm watching The Karate Kid. This is one of my favourite movies of all time, though I could not tell you why. It is a strange and inexplicable love.

Also, things I learned from the wise duo of Jones and Bennett: is the best website ever. I've been here for three hours, now, and with that and my list of three prospective agents has now increased to twenty-six. Mass querying! This is the way of the future! Mwahah. Of course I am not querying anybody yet. Must still get back three marked-up copies of the first draft (from mik100, azzinita and perhaps calantha42), edit it until I can't look at it anymore, and then have it read over once more. THEN the querying. And the putting-it-back-into-the-box, because it's better for everyone if I can't actually look at it unless I have to.

On that note, QUERY LETTERS. Oh, GODS. This is HARD. So I'm going to stop doing it until I have the drafts back, because this is just too stressful. Instead I will go back to building up my giant list. I have decided, however, that I will be doing the agent-querying and the applying-to-grad-school together, all at once. Figure I might as well get the six months of hair-tearing angst out of the way at the same time. Because, well, y'know, efficiency.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. What are the chances of snow? Probably bad, right?

Sigh. Karate Kid and tea. And sleep. Yes, yes. I know. Sleep is important. :P