August 22nd, 2007

boxes on their heads

*hides face*

It is a sign only of my deteriorating mental state that I may have... um... started writing another book.

About a war fought by psychics that the government recruits and then, after the war's won, tries to quietly wipe out, and there's an international body put in power during the war to recruit and police sparks - that's what I'm calling them - that remains in power even afterward, though sparks are supposed to be all dead, and it's all told by the little brother of the main character fifteen years after the fact, and somebody stop me now, please.

Anyway I am otherwise quite bored. And my green pen is drying up. Woe. :(

Perhaps I will start calling and yelling at people who give us photocopies of foreign transcripts. No, children, we need the real one. Photocopies are a no-no.

Yes, even if you come from a former-Soviet country that no longer exists.

Yes, even if it was supposedly burned up in a horrible fire that killed your whole family.

Yes, even if removing it from the hermetically-sealed vault where it is normally kept will cause it to burst into flames and disintegrate.

Yes, especially if you come from a country where, for the five years you were supposedly in secondary school, THERE WERE NO SECONDARY SCHOOLS.


Anyway, yes. Boredom. Also my new desk is much colder than my old desk. Bloody air conditioning. *shakes fist*


I am experiencing what can only be described as a brain stoppage, and thus am having trouble with math. (Not that I don't always have trouble with math.)

If something happens, say, a mutation of some kind, only once in every 600,000 births, what percentage of the global population would that be? Assuming that the global population is about six billion.

This is, like, elementary school math, and yet. You all think I'm joking when I say I have a mental math block, but I am SO NOT JOKING, YOU GUYS.

Help? *cuteface*