August 14th, 2007


I want my anarchy back.

LJ, oh LJ, can't we be friends again?

I miss your sweet anarchy, LJ. Why don't you dump that asshole new boyfriend of yours, and we can be the way we used to be. Remember the porn? The fic of all shapes and colours? The complete and utter, joyful, lovely, chaos? The brief but furious fenwars? The ability to choose whether or not you'd read something, or click away in distaste, and not be permanently scarred, either way? The vibrant community, moving at the speed of light, that went to war with itself out of pure boredom and then made up the next day, in the blissful, secure knowledge that on the Internet, at least, no one would call us freaks or perverts (most of the time), and even if they did, there was nothing they could do about it? The lack of me tearing my hair out over the fact that THEY'RE FUCKING FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, YOU FUCKING MORONS?

I miss that.

Can't we go back to 2002? Please?


I... am going to clean my room. Possibly upload pictures. Boring things. Un-stressful things. Not-banging-my-face-furiously-against-the-monitor things.