June 27th, 2007


Just one more thing...

...and that is the actual airfare, which we are booking tonight.

Two things, if you count the roomie fast-tracking her passport.

My time off's been approved, and we are REGISTERED. I have the barcode sheets all safely tucked away in a folder in my bag, because I am paranoid.

But after that, we are a GO!

Now just to decide whether I need another card for my camera, or if I can manage with only 2 gigs.

born and raised

It is official!

We have tickets! We have registration! We have someplace to sleep (assuming we sleep!)!


It's so cute. The roomie keeps asking me about what happens at a con and it's mostly questions like "so how much sleep actually happens?" and I'm like "not much, until you're too weak to geek anymore." Because it's TRUE!

Not that I'm not running around going "squee!" or anything. I would not want you to think I still have any dignity to speak of. ;)

We're getting in around 6pm on Preview Night - so of course we'll miss a good chunk of Preview Night, but with any luck will be in time to catch *some* of it, check in, and avoid the badge lineups on the first day.

Off to buy a proper Sanctuary account.


My new external HDD has arrived. It is 500GB and black and silver and lovely. I have named it Barker, because of its ability to escape unfortunate situations (e.g. unforseen computer meltdown) unscathed, leap into the future by accident, and save the world.

Okay, maybe not *exactly...*

Littlestsis is back in the province, and has now got a Gryffindor tie. Who's an awesome big sister? ^.^