June 5th, 2007


The story is dead. Long live the story.

Apparently Z95.3 was swallowed by the corporate world this morning - it was gone and replaced by something called The Crave. A couple minutes' Googling show that somebody called Standard Radio was responsible. Their own page markets them mainly as a marketing firm that just happens to use radio stations. Though I was amused by the fact that one of their Sales Assistants is named Meredith McKay. Funny how that name's popping up all over lately.

Standard Radio belongs to Astral Media (or is about to). Astral is one of the largest Canadian media companies; they run the Harold Greenburg Fund. I *think* they own the Jays. Mainly they market, and own people who make things, who market for them.

They're not particularly evil, but what bothers me in this particular situation is how it took me fifteen minutes to track my local radio station to its ultimate corporate overlords in Toronto. And I'm not *entirely* convinced that there aren't overlords above those ones. Probably American ones. But that's likely just my paranoia talking.

My brain has spent a lot of the morning going off on other avenues. It's odd, and it's early, and I haven't had nearly enough caffeine to be coherent to anyone besides myself, so bear with me and please don't ask me to explain the frenzied and jerking series of tangential leaps that led to what followed. I think that last night the roomie and I were complaining about how idiots who can't see the connection between fanfiction as practice for writing and sketching as practice for painting and how all art forms that can't be linked immediately to a profit output are termed worthless and a waste of time. Then again, we talk about that a lot, so this may have been another one of those trains-of-thought that chug around in my head waiting for the slightest excuse to go careening down the nearest available steep hill with the brakes cut. In any case you'll have to trust me that the sudden death of the radio station I don't even like and bemoaning the downfall of all I love and stand for actually do follow one another.

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