May 22nd, 2007


Finally watched the Heroes finale.

And until later when I can cut a coherent spoilery post, I will leave you with this comment:



You may now go on about your evening.

Thirteen minutes to the end of Veronica Mars. About which I'm interestingly ambivalent.

(I really need a Heroes icon. But for the moment HAPPY!Kenji will have to do. ^.^)

EDIT: Ooooooookay, Rob Thomas. If you say so.

I am strangely unsatisfied. And yet, at the same time, this offers an excellent jumping-off-point for my Shirley/Veronica fic. *evil grin*

I just painstaking talked my mother, over the phone, through the ripping and burning of a Pilates DVD. I feel somewhat... sullied by this. But at the same time... my mother is now a pirate. Arr.

Mum: How do I know when it's done?

Me: It makes a loud noise. Kinda hard to miss. Goes... *hums the tune*

Mum: (dubiously) Okay...

Me: Actually! Do you remember... the end-credits splash for Klasky Csupo? The company that made Rugrats?

Mum: (after a pause) *laughing* Yes, I do.

Me: It makes that noise. Really loudly and obnoxiously. You'll hear it from three rooms away.

Mum: That's a lot more helpful. Thank you, dear.