May 17th, 2007



Okay. When you put up a sign saying you're going to test our smoke detectors, and that you'll be coming into our suite, that's fine. Law says you have to.

Law does *not* say you have to shut off our power for an hour, and pull both light fixtures out of their sockets, so that I come home to find them hanging by wires from the ceiling, with their covers on the FLOOR by the door, and my download of the second season of Juniper Lee interrupted at 56% when Podkayne shut down. If you hadn't interrupted our circuit to do this bit of unannounced and unrequested electrical work (which you didn't even FINISH), I could be watching Juniper Lee right now. Yes, we mentioned the buggy wiring in the hall fixtures to you, but that was TWO MONTHS AGO, and one does not expect surprise electrical work in the middle of the day while one is at work (especially as the broken closet door that fell on my head and is currently leaning against the wall in the corridor was reported to you THREE MONTHS AGO). It's not polite.

And I can't put the fixtures back together, because the sockets have been unscrewed from the ceiling, and are hanging in mid-air. WTF?

And now your number is giving me a busy signal.

Screw you, building manager. Screw you.