May 11th, 2007


I just thought I should mention..

...that I am currently writing Shirley Holmes fic.

It is called "Five Times Bo Sawchuck Never Saved Shirley Holmes."

It is largely calantha42's fault, but not entirely, because I really do like to torture characters.

I have three more times to write, and I'm already misting up a little.

I really, really wish I had the last three seasons. :(

The twitter of birds and the distant drone of lawnmowers.

These are the signs of Spring. These and the fact that my eyes are itching.

Actually, my *eye* is itching. The right one. The other one is fine.

WTF, immune system? o.O

Half an hour until Future Shop. I need DVDs, and possibly an external harddrive.

Ooh. Should call Mum. Do you know what my mother wants for Mother's Day?

She wants a trailer hitch and a utility trailer for her Echo.

This is the same woman who asked for - and got - heavy-duty power tools for both Christmas and her birthday.

Furniture, food, and power tools. These are the ways to my mother's heart.

Now, if I could just figure out how to fit a workshop shed into my laundry bag...
short people


So we went to Future Shop, and I got a new hundred-spindle of DVDs, and I just barely kept myself from buying the third season of Murder, She Wrote.

I did, however, buy the first volume of Talespin.

Excuse me. I'm going to go bliss out on 27 episodes, now. ^.^

EDIT: I apparently still remember ALL THE WORDS to the theme song.

*dorkily, deliriously happy*