May 9th, 2007


In which we really, really miss Shirley Holmes.

The roomie and I both feel that there is a dearth of awkward, asocial, genius girls represented in television. We feel this is an oversight and would like it to be corrected immediately. (Namely, preferably, by rerunning Shirley Holmes a hundred times or so.) I have decided that Temperance Brennen is essentially Shirley, and that if David Boreanaz were less of a raging moron character actor and more of a tall, gangly Ukrainian with sincere eyes and a checkered past, Bones would be the perfect second fiddle.

The other bad thing: Riverwend just topped 100K. And I still have... damnit, 135 pages, I think.



Diana Wynne Jones' books are 400-pagers. So there.