April 19th, 2007

hello city

Not *just* a flyby...

...new Sinkbottom, up just a leetle early.

Several rather nice things happened today. It was Thursday, which means this week is over; the sun came out and stayed out for a significant period of the day. I found a denim skirt that doesn't make me look like Lil' Audrey; I finally made it to LUSH to buy shampoo, so I no longer have to use the apple-scented backup; I went to a store where I have a membership and actually remembered the coupons; my copy of Black Dogs (ursulav is AWESOME, and her writing is DOUBLY AWESOME, you should go read her comic and buy her book NOW) came (just as I finished Eric, too), my position at work was extended another month and my vacation for Dexcon (I should probably buy plane tickets now) and Canada Day weekend was approved, and finally, tomorrow's my day off.

Thank the gods.

mik100, be advised that due to crazy test-preparedness-related-stress, calantha42 can't go hiking Sunday. We are, however, going to go to Centennial Park (or possibly Deer Lake, but probably Centennial, as it has the better view) for a prolonged picnic on Saturday afternoon, instead, and you should come. And bring more biscuits.

Going to go change into new jammies and curl up with my new book, now. Later I might have a bowl of cheerios and a cup of tea. It's pretty open, what with my not having to get up early tomorrow. *lounge*