April 12th, 2007


We're calling it "Disturbia" now?

I've just seen the TV trailer for Disturbia for about the ninth time, now, and I just have to ask: has D.J. Caruso never heard of Rear Window? Or do Hollywood directors never actually watch movies made before 1994 anymore?

And Rear Window was at least clever. Judging from the website trailer, the Disturbia dialogue looks like the standard teen horror variety. Give me Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly any day.

And the name is stupid. :P

How can it only be Thursday?

I remember two weeks ago when it felt like the week was going like molasses, and it wasn't just me, because everybody I talked to was saying so, without prompting. So it was The Week That Went Like Molasses.

This week isn't exactly molasses, but it's not exactly speedy. Mostly I suspect my brain's still stuck in Five-Day-Weekend Mode and it's resenting being anywhere but home, watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and writing YA novels and eating cupcakes. I think I ate more cupcakes over the Easter weekend than I did all of 2006. ;)

Thursday, on the other hand, has been quick like bunnies. I had a meeting this morning, and then I've been doing letters since 10am.

Have I mentioned how much I hate letters? *sigh*

But it does make the time fly by. It's already ten-past two, and just two hours and fifty minutes, and my brain is full of Firefly fic which I will not write, right now. Must stamp the letters. Must sort the letters. Must now, apparently, take the letters down to the print shop where they now fold them for us. I know, it sounds like a time-saver, but really it just forces me to sort things in a completely different and less efficient way and actually slows me down. I still have to *stuff* all the envelopes, anyway, and they won't fold the inserts. So instead of stapling everything together (they won't fold anything with staples, either), I have to make one carefully-organised pile, have it folded, then dismantle the pile and re-make it with the extra bits. Yeah. I know. They're trying to be helpful, but...

...tomorrow's Friday. Tomorrow's Friday. Tomorrow's Friday...

...ooh, and Life on Mars should be done downloading when I get home, too. :D