April 3rd, 2007



I fail at comics, but it's not my fault! I tried to upload two comics, one yesterday, and one today, to make up for it, but the stupid siteadmin at comicgenesis is down. Bastards. It's been nothing but headaches since I created the account. Is there anything better? Anyone?

Anyway, there is a new one, if off-schedule. I've got another one, right here, a sort of supplement with a clan of warrior-ponies, but it won't let me in to update, so gods know when it will be posted. Stupid Comicgenesis. Stupid stupid stupid.

One more day of the week, and then the long, long weekend. *happysigh*

Serenity Charity Screening

I almost forgot to mention that the annual charity screening of Serenity has set a date for the GVRD. It'll be Saturday, June 23rd, starting 1pm at the Pacific Cinemateque. There's a whole lot of other activities and things going on, so it runs a few hours.

I'll be buying tickets for myself, mik100 and calantha42 this Friday afternoon. So if you're in the Greater Vancouver area and you'd like me to snag you one to be paid back later, let me know before then. The price goes up May 1st and last year they sold out in about two weeks, so now's the time if there's to be a time. Post here to be added to the list.

*bounces up and down* Sooo excited. Had to miss it last year for a shift at the vile and hated shoe store. Now I just have to decide whether to go as River or Kaylee. ;)

I do not celebrate Jesus Onna Stick Day.

Closest I ever got was the time Mum made chocolate-icing-crowned gingerbread men on popsicle sticks to horrify my grandma.

Easter has two kinds of modern origins; the inaccurate, and the really rather disturbing. I won't lay them out for you here, as I do that pretty much every year, and I feel that you all deserve a break. (Good puppy.)

So no resurrection-related celebrations. An easter egg hunt (let's identify the witches, hurrah!), usually. I can credit any holiday whose secular aspects involve the vast and varied worship of chocolate.

And thus:

I think any ideal holiday should involve chocolate and rainbows in equal measure.

The Lone Cupcake. The Extra, the Accident, the One Left Behind as his sisters and his fabulous brothers went out into the world... to be devoured by my frighteningly efficient co-workers. (Thirty cookies, man. Twenty minutes. It was like a biblical plague.)

Fear not, little cupcake. I'll save you. *evil grin*

No, little cupcake! Don't run away! The exercise only makes you more delicious!

EDIT: Y'know that point (or maybe you don't) with cupcakes where it's perfect, not too dry, not too doughy, and it's still practically liquid and not too cakey but still technically a solid, but only technically, and it's so easy to completely fob it up with an extra minute of baking time?

Yeah, I totally sidestepped the fob. Mmm. ^.^