March 23rd, 2007


Random question:

What do hives look like?

'Cause I think I may have a whole bunch of 'em, and I have no idea why. o.O

EDIT: Yup, hives. I laid down on the couch to watch a movie after the dentist, and when I woke up again, I was all itchy. What the hell am I reacting to? I know it's spring, and all, but could you give me a goddamn break, body? You don't have to start having allergic hissy fits two days after we start spring. You could at least stick with the classics. I have drugs for that. *glares*

*takes antihistamine and glares some more*

LESS ITCHY EDIT: I wandered over to Chapters after the dentist, meaning to fill out the last four books of Dad's Discworld collection (he's only missing four: Mort, Eric, Feet of Clay and Monstrous Regiment, and Feet of Clay is out of print in Canada), and instead ended up buying a new Moleskine, a Diana Wynne Jones book (they didn't have Pinhoe Egg, woe), the second Astonishing X-Men trade, and the first Y: The Last Man trade, because I bought the very first issue three years ago at a Dexcon trip to Silver Snail and never got 'round to buying any of the others. They only had #4 and #5 after that, or I would have bought the next one.

Yes, I have focus. Shut up. :P
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