March 12th, 2007

kids with swords

And, by the way? *absolutely NOT bouncing up and down*

Because it seems unfair to only repeat this ninety-six thousand times to people who are stuck living with me, I am now only twenty thousand words, or approximately seventy pages, away from having what I consider to be an acceptable length for a finished draft version of Abigail of Riverwend. Since I did that many my last six days of NaNo in November, I'm pretty sure I can finish it this week. Next week for sure. I still have to draw a comic for this week and have only scripted it. The this-week-or-next-week projection is mostly as it's hit terminal plot velocity and doesn't require much more input from my frontbrain beyond the actual pressing of keys.

(Yes. To me, this is the home stretch. This comes mainly from my habit to do things in big, huge chunks all at once. It also seems related to the fact that my winter-addled brain walked out of the college today, to a sunny ten degrees, and insisted we take off our coat, thinking "wow, it's downright balmy out here!")

And and and! I have OUTLINED the rest of the book. I know how many chapters it's going to be. Thirty-four. That's the magic number. I was expecting thirty-one, but I went back through it and three chapters just appeared out of nowhere. Did I mention it has OUTLINES? Fairly detailed ones. For pretty much every important thing that still has to be written.

I have to write almost an entire chapter and a half of action. I am cringing at this. Action is SO HARD. But it must be done!

Okay, so now's the time to speak up. I need a couple of readers. Once I've gone through, properly arranged the chapters, and done a thorough check for glaring typhographical errors, I'm printing it out, putting it into a box, and not looking at it until April, at least. It would be extremely helpful if one of you kind souls with some time on your hands could... I dunno... wade through a very rough draft of a young adult novel where children's imagination runs amok and somebody dies...? *anime eyes*

Ten pages for seven days. About ten pages a chapter, so far. Hm. It'll be at least a week. Uh huh. Definitely. *drums fingers, stares at minimized file*

Definitely a week. *twitches slightly*