February 23rd, 2007


Feeling anti-establishment.

I have copied sixteen DVDs today (as "off-site backups") for littlestsist duckys_travels/lilymc, who we are visiting at the beginning of March. Because damned if we're sending the only copies of *good* movies off to the wilds of Quebec for Air Canada to lose.

Hah! Take that, embedded copyright-protection signal! *shakes fist*

Yes, I am bitter and also not ashamed. Mostly 'cause I *win*.

That's actually all I did, all day, because I am at the parents' and also I have the plague. (While on the subject, fess up: which one of you gave me the plague? There was serious discussion of the Chocoholic Buffet again tomorrow night with calantha42's out-of-towners and I'm now reconsidering joining them because it would be a *crime* to eat that much chocolate and not be able to *taste* it. :( )

*sniffles, coughs* Well, anyway, I'm nearly done putting littlestsis's laptop together, into working order. A couple more things to install, a few more TV series I intend to force her to watch, including Firefly, Doctor Who, and Life On Mars to load to her HDD, and it's all ready. Got almost everything from her collection, and plan to copy a few more things from mine. Who's the best big sister *ever*?

Well, I suppose Faya as well, but she hasn't got an LJ, so she really doesn't count.

Seriously, going to Montreal on purpose, willingly, even, in the middle of winter. I'm either crazy *or* the best big sister ever.

As the second option apparently gets us free drinks, I am voting that one.

Totally storming the clinic in the morning. I actually feel badly enough that earlier today, when I thought I had a temperature, I got all excited because at least that might burn out the plague. But *no*. No fever. Damnit. >:(

So, the clinic, and begging.

My head feels gigantic, and every time I sneeze, the dog looks at me like I'm crazy.

And the Keen account's still not ready. This is not swift turnaround.