February 13th, 2007


The cost of shopping.

Bought new jeans, got a zip-up hoodie, and sundry shinies, and all is well until, as we're at the till, calantha42 turns to me and asks, with vague horror: "Did we remember to tape Veronica Mars?"

BuggerbuggerbuggerBUGGERbugger I forgot.

And with no excuses this time, either, as we've got the magic box.

And then, we thought... meh. Veronica Mars will probably just make us angry again with its suckitude. (But we missed Gilmore Girls! O.O)

And I got a pretty shirt.

I kinda wanted to see what happened with Lorelai and Chris, though. And LAINE! :(

*drums fingers* C'mon, East Coast, upload faster...