February 6th, 2007


This week's Veronica Mars, a (spoiler-free) response:


Just... AUGH.

I can't even get worked up to "violently offended". The best this week's could offer was a very tired: "that... kinda sucked" from both me and the roomie.

I dislike that Veronica Mars is starting to alternately offend me... and bore me.

Those two things are rarely, if ever, a good combination.

And I blame the lack of anything resembling a feminine viewpoint, because I can't think of any other sensible reason. Accuse me of over-simplifying... o.O

Shades of grey, VM writers. SHADES OF GREY.

Screw this. I'm going to read Pratchett, and then sleep. And dream about invading the writer's room at the CW. >:(

EDIT: Aw, the secret's out; the brat knows I'm coming, or so I gather from the emoticon-laden text she just sent me. Ah, well. ;)