January 25th, 2007

hello city

Oh, America. *sigh*

Is it just me, or does President Bush not actually seem to understand how taxes *work*?

Jon Stewart pointed it out pretty accurately, actually. Bush said "we're going to avoid putting actual money into health care by generously allowing the poor to keep the money they were too poor to have to give us anyway."

And then Jon Stewart went "...huh?"

And... it occurs to me that perhaps President Bush is not familiar with the concept of people too poor to pay taxes. Like... er... me, for example. Like, if you don't make enough money to have private insurance IN THE FIRST PLACE, you probably don't have enough money to owe the government taxes, like, ever.

Okay, no. I pay taxes *now,* or at least, I will this year, maybe... no, probably not this year, and I actually have an income this tax year. I will, however, get a refund on the sales tax and it will probably be relatively huge, and I think that perhaps I shall use it to buy a television.

Possibly. Haven't decided yet. I am definitely buying a PVR this weekend. Or even today. Haven't decided that yet, either.

We've moved on from mocking Bush to my buying electronics, in case you haven't noticed. Why? Because I am more interesting, and also, if you watched the speech, all the jokes were already pretty much self-mocking. So. :)

I am, however, authorised to tell you all that when the revolution and economic collapse happens down there, you are all welcome on our couch. Or floor. And Mum's. Just so you know.

Yesterday sucked. Today ain't looking much better.

Oh. Right. The package I sent my little sister, last Friday, when I sent everybody else's (that's Jan. 12th), has still not arrived. Now, with some calculating I have realised that she is actually furthest away, and also, well, in Quebec, and their postal service is probably EXTRA fucked-up, but if you're further East than, say, Saskatchewan, and you did get a package from me, speak up here? I'd like to know how many parcels Canaduh Post lost *this* time, so when I yell at them about leaving my digital cable box sitting out in the hallway I can be super-accurate about the other complaints. Grr.