January 3rd, 2007



No sign of the roomie. She was supposed to be back around noon, she said, but I got back and found her room empty and an annoyed-looking cat standing in the doorway.

I assume she's been delayed, and I'd check, except I never got flight info from her, which was dumb. So I checked LJ (to no avail), but then went "No, dummy, that's what *your* first instinct would be." We need to scrounge her up a new laptop so it can be her first instinct, too. We should all be eternally chained to the internets. ;)

Hm. Will try calling. Unfortunately most of what this means is I actually have to go do the groceries myself. *sulk*

EDIT: We have contact! She just landed. Only seven three quarter hours late. *eyeroll*

And apparently they didn't even send her luggage to South America.

Well, still better than Air Canada. *firm nod*


Okay, so I gather that Torchwood won't be back for ages, as it hasn't even started filming season two yet, so probably won't reappear 'til June at the earliest, but when's Doctor Who coming back? We need something to fill the gap. :(

Just ordered V for Vendetta in both DVD format and graphic novel format. They should arrive next week, at which point I shall flip a coin to determine which I should investigate first. Unless there are suggestions?

Next purchase: Digital cable box, PVR unit-thingy, and the Max Brooks books.

Yech. Getting swollen-glandy feeling. *downs echinacea and handful of Vitamin C* What *is* it with this winter? Grargh.